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What do you need to know about Isoprinosine?

What do you need to know about Isoprinosine?

It is unique immunomodulator with antiviral activity.

Isoprinosine has a dual antiviral effect: blocks the multiplication of viruses and stops of HPV.
- Proven activity against the most common causative agent of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) (1)
- Attenuates the symptoms of viral infection
- Shortens the duration of the disease and prevent its complications
- Restores weakened immune system without affecting the normal one
- High European quality and proven effectiveness
- Safe for children from 3 years

Isoprinosine has a direct antiviral effect and provides the nonspecific antiviral action1.

- eliminates the HPV virus to 98%
- 3 times reduces the recurrence rate of papillomavirus infektsii
- a full range of indications for HPV infection

Immunomodulator with antiviral activity

Attenuates the clinical symptoms and reduces the duration of episodes of genital herpes(2)

Fig. 1. Dynamics of clinical symptoms in women infected with HSV II. Treatment Izoprinozin 3 g / day for 5 days

Reduces the number of relapses and the severity of herpes infections (3)

Fig. 2. Placebo-controlled study of the effect of Isoprinosine for genital herpes. Isoprinosine was administered for 5 days 3 g / day in the acute phase, and 1 g / day in the asymptomatic period of up for six months.

Isoprinosine is the best choice in treatment of patients with HPV infection in a general medical practice

- contributes eradication of the human papillomavirus (according to the HPV test) - 66% (4)
- improves the morphology of the epithelium of the cervix by the results of cytological and colposcopic methods - 66% (5)
- reduces the itching and burning in the subclinical form PVI2 - 41% (5)
- accelerates epithelization of cervix after the cryolysis- 95% (6)

Clinical efficacy of inosine pranobex monotherapy can be compared with the destructive treatment of genital warts, in combination with it can increase the effectiveness of therapy up to 94%.

Inosine pranobex was assigned for 4 weeks, 3 g / day

Fig. 1. Clinical efficacy of different methods of treatment of genital warts

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(1)Isoprinosin In Therapy Of Acute Respiratory Viral Infections In Frequently Ill Children

L. V. Osidak, V. V. Zarubaev, E. V. Obraztsova, E. S. Erman, V. P. Drinevsky
Influenza Research Institute RAMS, St. Petersburg

Clinically available immunomodulator Isoprinosin is shown in in vitro experiments to possess moderate anti-viral activity regarding human and avian influenza viruses, respiratory syncitial virus, and human parainfluenza virus. Using animal model of influenza infection Isoprinosin is also shown to protect mice from lethal influenza. Further, post- marketing study was realized by the observation over 2503 children above 1 -year old with diagnosed acute respiratory viral disease (ARVD), by 121 physician during the period Feb-May 2007 in 13 cities of Russia. In this study Isoprinosin was shown to possess reliable efficacy for treatment and prophylaxis of ARVDs, in particular in patients with complicated premorbid history (frequently ill, with allergic reactions, chronic ENT and respiratory infections, etc.).

(2). Bunta S, Peri Z, Gligora M, Aleksi, (1981) Curl A. Expiriences with Isoprinosine in the treatment of herpes zoster and herpes simplex infections Acta Derm lug, 8:245-254

(3). Miller RD/ Safetyand efficacy of inisine pranobex in reccurent genital herpes simplex infections/ Presented at clinical meetingat the Praed Street clinic, London (UK), September 1984

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