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Burdock root oil
THealthy hairBurdock root (also known as Arctium Lappa or Greater Burdock) oil has been used for centuries as a natural hair care treatment for the traditional prevention of hair loss. This oil helps ease scalp irritation and causes improvement in scalp conditions. These mechanisms of action result in increased hair thickness, enhanced shine, and hair strength. Using this product regularly will help in the restoration and maintenance of healthy scalp and hair. The extract of Burdock root oil is loaded with phytosterols and necessary fatty acids that promote and sustain the normal function of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Burdock root oil has also been used by herbalists to prevent baldness, to treat skin diseases, to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and to prevent certain types of cancer.

Burdock root oil (also called Arctium Lappa or Greater Burdock oil) is naturally occurring oil that has been known for many years to have the ability to enhance and revive hair growth and quality. It can be used to ease itching and other irritation of the scalp and it also improves the conditions of the scalp to make it more conducive for hair growth. Continue reading...

Dr. Oz revealed that the Sea Buckthorn Berry is the new miracle berry and he calls it a Super Fruit because of all its health benefits it contains an Omega-7 fat called palmitoleic acid and it can help you lose weight! It signals the body to stop storing fat.

Dr. Oz says we can get all the weight loss benefits of sea buckthorn berries by drinking sea buckthorn juice, and he said itís easy to find (but it seems a little expensive!)Sea buckthorn oil also helps keep your mucus membranes stay lubricated and helps relieve constipation. You can take one 500mg sea buckthorn softgel daily. Sea buckthorn oil is also great for your skin, and has been touted as a remedy for rosacea even. Just apply the sea buckthorn oil topically to your face as part of your daily beauty routine.


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Skin diseases
Skin diseases

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