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Red wine is more heart-healthy than gin

The Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia suggests that red wine is more heart-healthy than gin.

They compared the effects of drinking either red wine or gin on several biochemical markers in the blood.The result was that red is more effective in lowering levels in the bloodstream of so-called "anti-inflammatory" substances that cause development of heart disease and stroke.

The researcher conducted this study by giving 20 subjects in two
groups two drinks a day of either wine or gin for 28 days. It was
followed by a "washout period" of 15 days with no alcohol.In the
second part of the trial, those who received red wine the first time then were given gin and those who had gin first then received red wine. The levels of biomarkers before and after each half of the trial were then measured.Red wine dramatically lowered the levels of inflammatory molecules such as adhesion molecules, and proteins in monocytes and lymphocytes.

According to Emanuel Rubin, who led the study. "It's clear FROM
these results that while drinking some form of alcohol lowers
inflammatory markers, red wine has a much greater effect than gin". Source: Asian News International.

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