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Drinking coffee reduces the risk of diabetes

According to a study regular coffee drinkers are cutting their risk of developing adult-onset diabetes.
In a long-term study involving 16,000 Finns, researchers reported that just a few cups a day of the popular brew translated INTO a
significant risk reduction for diabetes, while hard-core coffee drinkers dramatically reduced their chances of getting the lifestyle-related disease.

Finns have the highest per capita consumption of coffee in the world.According to the World Resources Institute it was 11.3 kg per person in 2000.

According to a research conducted by the American Medical
Association found that women drinking three to four cups of coffee a day cut their diabetes risk by 29 per cent, rising to 79 per cent for 10 cups or more a day.Among men, the risk reduction was 27 per cent
for men on three or four cups of coffee a day, and 55 per cent for 10
or more cups.

It's not clear exactly what the relationship between coffee and the
glucose-intolerance disease is, but researchers speculated it could
be related to compounds in coffee that inhibit the transportation of

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