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Traveller's diarrhea

Traveller's diarrhoea, which is usually caused by a bacterial infection FROM eating contaminated food, may not necessarily have to avoid mouth-watering cuisines.The University of Texas researchers compared two groups of 105 college students visiting Guadalajara, Mexico. The subjects in each GROUP were receiving antibiotic treatment for diarrhoea. One GROUP was told to stick to the bland diet, and the other was given no restriction on what to eat, although both groups were advised to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Surprisingly, the results showed no real benefit to the
diet restriction group.

Dr. Herbert DuPont, study co-author said that one reason for the
two groups' equally speedy recovery time was probably their general
good health.

Dr. Herbert DuPont said,"Travellers are a different GROUP than
children with cholera or people with viral gastroenteritis -young,
healthy people with relatively normal intestinal physiology,"

DuPont said that the best way to cure travellers' diarrhoea is to
seek antibiotic treatment and to keep eating so that the diarrhoea
bout is not prolonged. He also recommended travellers to stick to
safe foods like bread or toast, syrup or honey, citrus fruits and
freshly cooked piping hot food.

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