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A study on Alzheimer’s risk in men with mid-life diabetes

A study on Alzheimer’s risk in men with mid-life diabetes

Based on the results of a long term study that was published on last Wednesday, there is an increased chance for Alzheimer's disease in persons who are affected with diabetes in the middle age. The researchers involved 2,269 men of age group 50 from Sweden and tested their insulin level. During the follow-up period of around 32 years, it is found that 102 participants were affected with Alzheimer's disease, 57 were affected with vascular dementia and 235 were affected with other types of dementia or cognitive impairment.

According to the researchers, men with diabetes at the age of 50 have increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease than in men without insulin problems. Blood pressure, body mass index and education level are not considered as a main factor in this research. The research team was headed by Elina Ronnemaa of Sweden's Uppsala University and the report is published in the medical journal Neurology. Through this report Elina provides an overview about the number of people developing diabetes and the need for more powerful interventions.

Insulin problems may some times damage the blood vessels in brain and the damage of blood vessels lead to the memory problem and then become Alzheimer's. A detailed study is needed to recognize the exact mechanisms. The researchers also found that the connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s risk will be stronger in persons who do not have APOE4 gene which is associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer's. The research proves that insulin problems are the key risk factor for Alzheimer's in the absence of APOE4 gene. Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder striking the elderly.

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