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Consumer Report on the connection between Gum Disease and Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Pneumonia

Consumer Report on the connection between Gum Disease and Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Pneumonia

Diabetes: In diabetic patients the gum disease and diabetes works together and affect the blood circulation. This reduces the proper blood flow to the gums and makes the disease more susceptible. According to the recent researches, the treatment for gum disease can improve the blood-sugar control. Nowadays, some of the insurance companies offer extended coverage for diabetic patients with gum disease.

Heart Disease: Gum disease may cause negative effect in patients with heart disease. Based on the researches, people with higher levels of some oral bacteria have thicker carotid arteries which are considered as the forecaster of heart attack and stroke. Normally, people with chest pain (angina) and heart attacks may have higher level of some oral bacteria which provoke inflammation. The inflammation led to the increase in number of WBC (white blood corpuscle) and CRP (C-reactive protein). The increased level of C-reactive protein in blood may result in heart disease. New researches proved that the CRP levels in patients can be reduced by periodontal therapy. There is another related report on the May issue of Consumer Reports which suggests the patients to ask their doctor to perform CRP test along with the cholesterol check. It is now considered as one of the ten tips for a healthy heart.

Pneumonia: lack of oral hygiene is the main reason of fatal pneumonias affection in hospital patients and nursing-home residents. Shortage of oral hygiene may result in the fostering of bacteria which is capable of causing respiratory infections.

Here are some tips to maintain good oral care:

i) Take food items rich in calcium and vitamins C & D and avoid sugary foods.
ii) Brush and floss your teeth to remove plaque and bacteria on daily basis.
iii) Consult dentist twice in a year. Frequent visits are needed for people who smoke, have gum disease or diabetes.

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