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Loop Diuretics Affect Bone Health in Older Men

Loop Diuretics Affect Bone Health in Older Men

If you are frequent reader of news on health and age, you may have noticed that most of the osteoporosis news focuses on the bone loss in women. But the fact is that older men also faces the problem of born lose which make them in at greater risk for fractures. Recent researches proved that older men who take loop diuretics, drugs that are usually used in the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure, have the increased risk of bone loss in the hip. This news was published in the recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Doctors usually prescribe Furosemide, a loop diuretic, for men of age group above 65 years. The main drawback of loop diuretics is that it increases the secretion of calcium in urine and this result in bone loss. The study was conducted on 3269 men of age group 65 years and older. Out of the 3269 participants, 84 were continuous users of loop diuretics and 181 were intermittent users. At the end of the study, it is found that continuous and intermittent loop diuretic users have two times higher risk of hip bone loss than non loop diuretic users. The accurate biologic mechanism for the born loss in loop diuretics users is unknown. But the risk for bone loss and osteoporotic fractures are higher in the older loop diuretics users.

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