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Venlafaxine Reduces Postmenopausal Hot Flashes

Venlafaxine Reduces Postmenopausal Hot Flashes

A study was conducted recently on the benefits of the usage of venlafaxine. The researchers found that the usage of venlafaxine can help women to reduce the intensity of the hot flashes which occur during the postmenopausal period. Previous studies in this subject reported that venlafaxine reduces the hot flashes, occur during the postmenopausal period, in women with breast cancer or women who are at risk because of any disease and do not take estrogen to reduce this menopausal symptom.

This new researches was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco. They found how venlafaxine reduces the menopausal symptom in healthy women too. The researchers conducted a study on 80 postmenopausal women and all of them were treated with venlafaxine or placebo for over 12 weeks. After the research period, they found a significant reduction in hot flashes in women who were treated with venlafaxine when compared to women who were treated with placebo. Hot flashes occurred in women who were treated with placebo and there was no change in the intensity of hot flashes. Some side effects may occur due to the usage of venlafaxine, but the hot flash reduction will surely outweigh the disadvantages.

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