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Moderate Alcohol Intake Can Improve Health and Reduce Dementia Risk

Moderate Alcohol Intake Can Improve Health and Reduce Dementia Risk

Past researches proved that women who use one or more alcoholic drinks a day have good cognitive skills when compared to non-alcoholic women.

The benefits of alcohol consumption in a light to moderate volume can improve health. It has been well documented by the former researches conducted in this field. A research was conducted recently on alcohol consumption and the researchers found that alcohol consumption may help women to keep a sharp mind.

This new research was carried out by the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study. They are now concentrating on the effect of hormone therapy on dementia and cognitive function. The researchers found that women who drink moderately have high concentration, memory, language and reasoning when compared to those who drank less. Women who drink one or more drinks a day have lower risk of cognitive decline up to 40 percent. This is considered as a protective effect against dementia

Alcohol has the power to increase blood flow to the brain and this can prevent the formation of small clots inside the brain. Alcohol also helps to increase the volume of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol which can reduce the formation of narrow vessels in the brain. The formation of these narrow vessels may sometimes contribute to dementia. The new findings are a positive factor for those who drink, but do not consider it as a license to drink or to start alcohol consumption.

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