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Quetiapine Makes Alzheimer's Patients’ Condition Worse

Quetiapine Makes Alzheimer's Patients’ Condition Worse


A study which was conducted in the past showed that the cognitive decline in patients with dementia can be accelerated by the intake of quetiapine. Extreme emotional disturbance is common in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Usually, physicians use antipsychotic drugs to overcome this kind of situations occur in Alzheimer's patients. Quetiapine was considered as one of the best and safer medication for Alzheimer's patients till the arrival of new research report. A study was conducted recently by a team of researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, London and found that quetiapine is not much safer for Alzheimer's patients.

During the study, around 93 patients with dementia were treated with quetiapine or placebo. In the end of the study, the researchers compare those who were treated with quetiapine and those with placebo. The researchers noticed a rapid cognitive decline in patients who were treated with quetiapine. That means quetiapine make the condition of the patients’ worse that ever. Once, quetiapine had been considered as safer than other antipsychotics such as risperidone and olanzapine. This research result recommends finding an alternative to deal with the issue of agitation in dementia.

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