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UK scientists have done a valuable research about the changing of shape by the cancer cells and reported that the cancerous melanoma cells have the ability to change their shape alternatively between round and stretchy elongation based on the environment. Two proteins named Rac and Rho are responsible for this. In the ‘Cell’ journal it is published.
According experts the spreading of the cancer take place through metastasis process is the prime problem in cancer treatment. Dangerous skin cancer named melanoma is highly aggressive.

The study leader, Professor Chris Marshell expressed that they viewed the changing shape of tumour cells. According to their study when Rac protein begin to function the cell become elongated and suppresses the activity of the protein Rho and the cells become round when Rho activates and switches of Rac. This changing encourages the survival of tumour cells in different conditions. This study also explained that round shape is better to survive in blood stream for tumour cells.


According to Professor Marshall the spreading of cancers cells happened due to the competition between Rac and Rho. He also added that this key explanation should bring new cancer therapies.

Co-author, Dr Victoria Sanz-Moreno, and Dr. Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK director of cancer information added that Rac and Rho responsible for changing shape is initially identified by them. They also explained that they are excited by this discovery.
Walker also enlightened that the awareness about the key point in cancer spreading will leads to develop anti-cancer drugs.

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