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Calorie and glucose restricted diet can extend normal cell lifespan

Calorie and glucose restricted diet can extend normal cell lifespan

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham discover, that restricted calorie diets (especially in the form of restricted glucose) help human cells live longer. That could prevent cancer and slow human aging. To make this discovery, scientists used normal human lung cells and precancerous human lung cells that were at the beginning stages of cancer formation. Both sets of cells were grown in the laboratory and received either normal or reduced levels of glucose (sugar). As the cells grew over a period of a few weeks, the researchers monitored their ability to divide, and kept track of how many cells survived over this period.
They found that the normal cells lived longer, and many of the precancerous cells died, when given less glucose. Gene activity was also measured under these same conditions. The reduced glucose caused normal cells to have a higher activity of the gene that dictates the level of telomerase, an enzyme that extends their lifespan and lower activity of a gene (p16) that slows their growth. Epigenetic effects (effects not due to gene mutations) were found to be a major cause in changing the activity of these genes as they reacted to decreased glucose levels.

It give helps to improved prevention of cancer as well as many other age-related diseases and perhaps receive cancer-free live, through controlling calorie intake of specific cell types.
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