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Degeneration in aging worms A research

In the latest research on the soil nematode (roundworms which are most distinct phylum of pseudocoelomates ) C. Elegans , researchers at Wageningen University have found a new vision in the direction of their growth. With the increase in their age it has been found that genes become more chaotic and they also show declination in gene regulation. As the deteriorating process in humans and worms is same, the result of this study provides new intimation to the researchers for medication of geriatric diseases.
C.Elegans (Caenorhabditis Elegans) is one millimetre in length and is found naturally in soils used for biological researches. Several worms are said to be developed in humans who performs important function like cell division and breathing. The declination process in C. Elegans proves to be a model for the changes that occur in human beings with the increase in the age. The research to study the degenerative process in going on since last twenty years but still researchers are not able to find out when and how this process takes place.
The team of researchers led by Jan Kammenga inspected the overall activity of the genes in C.Elegans which were approximately 18,000. Out of the dozens of different worms having genome composition variation, genome activity in both young (40 hours old) and old (214 hours old) nematodes were also measured. The result of the comparison between the activities showed that level of gene expression was constant in young nematode where as there was a drastic variation among the old age nematodes. Some group of worms showed much lower gene expressions which were lower than the level of young nematode while some of the group reveals much higher gene expression then the old age nematodes.
The researchers compared the gene expression of various strains to verify that whether the regulatory functions lost with old age leads to this activity. This comparison showed that with increase in the age the genes which regulate themselves collapses where as the genes which are not self regulated in the genome rises which indicates that regulation takes place in multiple steps. The researchers also found that particular set of genes are regulated in a very specific way by a lone group of regulators which helps in extending life of C.Elegans and thus of utmost importance. Such genes also play a vital role against all stress factors.
This study provides proper information about the dynamics of gene expression classification over the life span of organism. The research was carried out on worm C.Elegans which resembles much more to human being and a long test age of the similar type can also be carried out using mice, rats or other animals. The result derived from the study can be used to focus on the gene expression in older human beings which can help in development of treatment for geriatric diseases.

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